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We have helped large broadcasters, small service companies and individual productions, create innovative technical solutions to enable their ideas. The projects have ranged from factual programs in some of the planets most extreme environments to Film & TV Dramas for major studios. Our work also includes some of the biggest live sports and music events. The team have also created innovative solutions for global brands and dozens of commercials.

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Richard Mills

With over 30 years' experience in the film and broadcast industries, Richard has in-depth experience and a proven track record in creating high end technical solutions across the entertainment industry. Richard has held senior posts with companies such as Molinare, VISIONS and Onsight, and has award-winning experience of Shoot, Post, VFX and Outside broadcast. He has run Television studios and Outside broadcast units. In his time as Technical Director for the Onsight Group his responsibilities were across their Shepperton studios based camera rental company and Soho based post house. 

Kevin Zemrowsky

Kevin has over 10 years experience in the film and broadcast industry. In his eight years at camera rental and post house Onsight, he played an integral part in the company’s 3D and VR journey, involving extensive R&D and award‐winning results. He has extensive experience of location work in challenging environments around the world. He has a particular focus on creating cost effective solutions that fit the business needs of our clients. 

Freelancers and 3rd party partners 

We have an extensive network of skilled freelancers and 3rd party partner companies that we can combine our forces with to provide the perfect solution for your project. 

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